About Xplore Communications

Xplore Communications is a community marketing agency founded in 1999. It started with college communities creating a niche publication (Get Out Today) on New Jersey college campuses to promote the local town and its businesses. In 2004, Xplore launched a community guide for Hoboken & Jersey City reaching into corporate buildings, hotels and luxury rentals targeting tenants, employees and visitors.

In 2005, Xplore created the first organized restaurant week in New Jersey – Hudson Restaurant Week. The event was deemed a success by restaurants and consumers, who ate out in the masses during the event’s 10 days. This event launched Xplore into community-driven promotions and programs in Hoboken, Jersey City, New Brunswick and Newark.

Since 2008, Xplore has been building community programs in Newark, NJ. Xplore Communications helped the city of Newark launch their first and their largest Restaurant Week program. In 2010, Xplore launched NewarkPulse.com, the city’s first positive news website. Xplore has assisted small businesses with Shop Local campaigns and created buzz worthy festivals on Halsey Street in 2010 and revived them again in 2015.

Along the way, Xplore has assisted community businesses and non-profits with their own marketing goals and objectives. Xplore continues to grow to best represent its clients and adapt to the changing environment (economically and digitally).