Cool Cat Newark

Name: Cool CAT Newark
Year(s): 2018-2020
Location(s): Newark
Clients/Sponsors: United Way of Hudson/Essex, Newark Public Schools, Newark Arts


A program for nearly 100 Newark preschools and 8000+ families to connect and engage with cultural and arts institutions. Hosted over 150+ events per school year with Newark Museum, NJPAC, Newark Public Library, NJSO, Newark Arts and so many more.

Our Role(s):

  • Market research to find voids in cultural/arts programming and fill with quality events.
  • Created a robust calendar of events online and distributed physically in multiple languages in print
  • Hosted pop-up events and parent mixers at preschools and cultural institutions
  • Connected creative learning curriculum with family projects and local events

Our Accomplishment(s):
Increased Newark family attendance at local events and filled voids with quality programming!