Name: Halsey Street Festivals/Block Parties/Events
Year(s): 2010
Location(s): Newark
Client: Brick City Development/City of Newark

Our Role(s):
In 2010, for six months Xplore handled Halsey Street festivals and events. Halsey Street is an area of downtown Newark with boutiques, cafes, restaurants and more. To increase traffic and awareness of Halsey Street. Xplore was commissioned to create buzz with restaurant events, shopping promotions, and festivals.

  • Managed all aspects of the twelve events.
  • Obtained sponsors to make it a self-funded event
  • Oversaw event staffing, event creation, event breakdown
  • Vendor solicitation
  • Managed obtaining permits for events and vendors
  • Successfully created & managed: marketing, advertising, web development and social media.

Our Accomplishment(s):
Halsey Street had its most successful event that summer with seeing more than 700 people on the street in ONE night.