Hudson Restaurant Week

Name: Hudson Restaurant Week
Year(s): 2005-now
Location(s): Hoboken, Jersey City, Weehawken

Our Role(s):
Xplore manages EVERY aspect of Hudson Restaurant Week.

  • Recruit participating restaurants
  • Design HRW Website
  • Manage Publicity for event
  • Manage kick-off events
  • Develop Social Media and Contests/Promotions
  • Design all marketing materials
  • Manage all advertising and marketing of event
  • Develop commercials for the event
  • Create unique marketing opportunities for the event

Our Accomplishment(s):
Hudson Restaurant Week was the first organized restaurant week in the state and has been a template for many other areas.
We have received over 100 publicity opportunities for the restaurants and the event.
Has over 600 tweets and facebook mentions in one Restaurant Week event.
Effectively create buzz for the event year-after-year.